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What Are the National and Local Priorities?

National Priorities 

The national priorities for the LEADER programme are: 

  • Support for increasing farm productivity;
  • Support for micro and small enterprises and farm diversification;
  • Support for rural tourism;
  • Provision of rural services;
  • Support for cultural and heritage activity;
  • Support for increasing forestry productivity.

Local Priorities 

In the context of the national priorities, the Local Action Group, in its Local Development Strategy, has set out the following focus for South Pennines LEADER programme and wishes to ensure the Programme has a significant legacy for the South Pennines:

Focusing on Local Distinctiveness:

  • strengthening of the local distinctiveness of the South Pennines to increase its economic value for tourism;
  • creating new locally distinctive food and non food products;
  • using social enterprise models (eg Incredible Edible and Totally Locally) to promote action around locally grown/processed/produced products and assisting in access to local & regional markets;
  • growth of specialist produce markets in partnership with local and national organisations;
  • growth within the events market - finding sustainable methods for supporting the area’s rich festival offer;
  • developing  infrastructure and collective marketing for walking, riding, cycling and canal boating across the area;
  • developing green access infrastructure such as cycle storage/parking, electric car charging etc;
  • using “community task force” models to deliver infrastructure projects;
  • developing  the South Pennines Tourism Network, working with businesses from the tourism, local food and creative sectors.

 Focusing on Farming and Forestry:

  • developing opportunities for farmer networking activity;
  • developing  cooperative action between smallholders and wider farmer networks;
  • diversifying  farm income through the development of on-farm tourism and woodland activity;
  • developing activities that will assist with farm succession issues;
  • developing partnerships and activity for South Pennines woodland management;
  • developing  community and on-farm energy projects.

 Focusing on Community assets:

  • supporting the development, extension or renovation of community hubs.