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The South Pennines Local Action Group is keen to provide an ongoing opportunity for local businesses and groups to access LEADER grants and has agreed to reopen the programme for a limited period. The programme will be ending next year, but any projects that are straightforward, will be ready to start in the spring and can be completed and paid for by November 2019 can be considered for grant support. LEADER is a competitive programme and those projects which have the most significant economic benefit will have an advantage.

The Expression of Interest Form, guidance and the Applicant Handbook can be downloaded from our website www.southpenninesleader.co.uk . Don’t delay, if you have a possible project contact the LEADER team before January.

 Our programme offers grants to small & medium sized rural businesses for development.

We cover the whole of the South Pennines area.

You can access more information about  LEADER nationally here.

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